To be your best business partner

CASTEM Group has grown to a global company operating in Japan and Southeast Asian countries with the core business of precision casting.
Now we are at a turning point but we always have one faith, "Be the best partner for our clients."
In the intensifying competition over the rising demand for high quality, low cost, timely delivery, varied product assortment, and small lots, we strive to provide customers with the best possible value.


Takuo Toda

Creating "Monozukuri"

CASTEM Group's passion for manufacturing has driven us to work for human resources development.Setting up "a division working on paper air planes." is its prime example.
 A single piece of paper turns into an airplane flying over the great blue sky, and a small technical effort makes different trails.
Such a small experiences leads children to future efficient engineers. From a small factory to a leading developer of technology, our evolution never ends.