As a member of the local community,
we're trying to be a environmental-friendly company.

Through this activity, we're aiming to be a “worthy company” for the local community and the society.

  • Growing Children's Interest in Monozukuri

    "Mecenat Section" in Castem Co., Ltd. specializes in organizing events for kids, such as paper airplane competitions and workshops.One of the events, "Waza-One GP" is for kids to compete their skills and techniques through traditional Japanese plays, cooperating with other supporting companies in Bingo area.

    Develop Children's Interest in Monozukuri

  • Traffic Safety Activity

    On weekday mornings, we stand at the main gate of Castem to protect kids from accidents.Thanks to this activity, our employees are more aware of the safety.

    Traffic Safety Activity

  • Reuse for the Environment

    We use recycled packing boxes.Newspapers are collected from employees to recycle as cusioning material.


  • Internship Program

    By accepting internships, we can help students to shape their carrer.Also, it's a great chance for us to get refreshing ideas.


  • Company Guided Tours

    We welcome school tours to develop children's interest in Monodukuri.We also support educational organizations through various events.(Prior booking essential)For more information on "Monozukuri" activities for children.

    Company Visit

  • Barrier-Free Environment

    Castem is making our workplace barrier-free.We provide access easy environment for handicapped people, from wheelchair accessible entrance, toilet booths, elevator, and attendance management system by employee ID card.

    • Front Entrance Slope

    • Attendance Management System by Employee ID Card

    • Handicap-Accessible Elevator

  • AED(Automatic External Defibrillator)

    AED(Automatic External defibrillator) is installed, and employees are trained to use it in case of emergency.

    AED always ready